Anonymous asked:

best birthday presents for the signs?

stars-align answered:

aries - some nice jewellery like earrings or a necklace

taurus - a meal at an expensive restaurant and a fine bottle of wine

gemini - concert tickets

cancer - a bouquet of flowers and a hand written card 

leo - designer clothes

virgo - a book

libra - new perfume/aftershave

scorpio - something personal to them

sagittarius - a holiday away from home

capricorn - a nice expensive watch

aquarius - a new phone/something techy

pisces - expensive spirits/fine wine



Anonymous asked:

what does each sign watch on youtube???

stars-align answered:

aries - sports/action related 

taurus - food channels

gemini - vlogs

cancer - funny babies

leo - make-up/fashion tutorials

virgo - how to tutorials

libra - music

scorpio - pranks!

sagittarius - travel channels

capricorn - science/education 

aquarius - technology related videos

pisces - artsy vlogs/tutorials/music covers