Anonymous asked:

what was each sign like as a child?

stars-align answered:

Aries - dynamic and daring, loved exploring and challenges, honest, self-motivated and thinks the world revolved around them

Taurus - liked cuddles and physical affections, probably enjoyed drawing pictures, would have had a single special blanket/material object that they kept close, enjoyed eating, notorious mud-pie maker, stubborn from the get go 

Gemini - enjoyed new experiences/places, didn’t shut up but really enjoyed listening to parents/caregivers talk to them, active, loved reading/being read to

cancer - attached strongly to their parents/caregivers, sensitive, slightly insecure, impressionable, liked dressing up, liked cooking and doing homely duties with their parents/caregivers

Leo - Warm, energetic, bossy, had lots of friends, loved attention from anyone and everyone, was a trendsetter

Virgo - serious, helpful, was a perfectionist, worried a lot, liked puzzles, was comfortable with routine, very neat, fussy with their food

Libra - got their own way all the time, loved animals and plants, needed balance in everything/everywhere they went, loved talking, had a good handful of friends

Scorpio - passionate from a very early age, intense, possessive, determined, considerate, had a fair amount of self-control, jealous

Sagittarius - optimistic, energetic, impatient, honest, sociable, a free spirit, loved animals, extremely generous

Capricorn - earthly and determined, practical, doesn’t give up, cautious, serious, seems older than they actually are, ambitious, responsible

Aquarius - original, social, rebellious, did things in a new and better way, stubborn, would most likely have enjoyed school

Pisces - gentle, tender hearted, empathetic, sensitive, dreamy, loved animals, imaginative, intuitive, shy